Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fedora core 6 review

Having a new laptop (even not the cool one) just feels so good. As always, i decided to install Fedora Core. To be trendy, i went for Fedora core 6 ("partly" because the Core 5 disks were no where to be found). I remember using Core 4 just less than one year ago, and that was great experience already, until people in Oxford showed me even greater version (Core 5, with TPM support) last summer, and Core 6 caught the headlines just 2-3 months ago. Do they really need to be that fast ? Anyhow, Fedora Core 6 does impress me in some ways.

1. XEN kernel built-in. Basically, XEN is an open source, enterprise-level virtualization platform. Besides being open source and freely available, XEN differs to VMWare in that (1) it is still work in progress, (2) it would require virtualization hardware support (CPU with PAE support, which mostly unvailable on Intel, Centrino and older).
Sad new is, my cool new laptop does not have that neccessary stuff to run XEN, and threw a big "Kernel-panic" error at boot time.

2. Graphical user interface. It was different everytime. But with this version, there is a thing called "Desktop effect", that virtualizes all the virtual desktops as a cube, and users can see the cube spining and switching as they are switching among them. This picture illutrates that effect:
More screenshots can be found at

And this guy surely had the virtualization working:

3-++. There certainly are other cool features, as i use it more and more.


Blogger Michael Voong said...

Cool :D i'm liking how Gnome is looking prettier and prettier...

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